Bipasa Basu done with navel piercing

Bollywood Bombshell Actress Bipasa Basu is back from her hectic schedules of Players.Bipasa basu got set free from shooting and found some free time to fullfill her childhood dream of belly button piercing.

Bipasa Basu wanted her navel pierce lontime back but afraid from the pain she postponed.Finally bipasa got her navel piercing last weekend at Aalim's place in Mumbai.Bipasa informing that tweeted as “Frm d age of 16 wanted 2 get a navel piercing!Finally I gt guts 2 do it!Looks great bt it heals slowly!Can't workout much fr d next 15days”.

Dia Mirza who is knwon for rivaling with Bipasa came forward and showered praises as she got her tummy pierced. Dia tweeted as "@bipsluvurself That's it! Just when ppl think there's no way you could get HOTTER you dispel the theory!!!"

It is heard that Bipasa Basu friends also suggested her to work out with a naval piercing to look much hot.Lets wait & see How Bipasa looks with a pierce in her navel...

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