G.One to perform stunts on Batman's Bike !.

Shahrukh Khan as he promised that his forthcoming superhero film Ra.One to be a biggest film bollywood.Recently a schedule has been wrapped at Hyderabad.The final schedule of Ra.One shooting is set to begin from today.

Now the latest news is that King Khan to perform daredevil stunts in Ra.One using Batman used bike in Dark Nights.Sharukh's role G.One in this film to perform never seen on screen acts in the film.The makers already bought Batman's bike for Shahrukh reharsals.The bike stunt scenes to be shoot in the next weekend at Filmistan Studios, Goregaon, Mumbai.

King Khan to perform action sequences using the bike with out using any dupe for the stunts.The actor is said to rehearsal for the bike stunts under the supervision of Anaita Shroff Adajania from today for a week.

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