Ram Gopal Varma showers praises on Aamir Khan

Controversial filmmaker and a critic Ram Gopal Varma seeming to support Superstar Aamir Khan from the days of Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose song from Delhi Belly hitting controversy.Ramu praised Aamir Khan for his way of approach toa film.

As of now Ram Gopal Varma showering praises to Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan as Delhi Belly turned out to be a super hit. RGV tweeted as The way he tuk such a subject matter nd made it a super hit it looks like ppl mt not trust God cmpletley bt they trust Aamir cmpletley.

Added to the above he tweeted “Never belived in Ram Jesus or Allah bt cing the variation cmng frm js 1 man frm lagaan 2 Tzp 2 DB I am seriously cnsdrng believing in Aamir”,

Ram Gopal Varma yet to watch Aamir Khan productional film Delhi Belly says “Dint c as DB subject is nt 2 my taste bt its super hit status mks me fl lke an insect..so I js wnt 2 crawl undr a rock nd die a quiet death”.

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