Shah Rukh Khan crossed one million followers in twitter

Bollywood Badshah King Khan Shah Rukh Khan has achieved the one million mark followers in twiier.Earlier few rumoured that Sharukh had quit from twitter while other say he comes on twitter only to promote his films.

But as of now Sharukh Khan who is back and tweeted two months back crossed one milion followers which rare feat as only few Indian celebrities stood up at this mark.

Shah Rukh Khan was the actor after Sachin Tendulkar, Priyanka Chopra, Shashi Tharror who are ahead of SRK in terms of the number of followers.

SRK who is holidaying with his family in Europe tweeted as “Celebrating the million mark by watching Bambi with my daughter. Feeling the warmth...thanx all. Love u”,

Congrats SRk for this feat and keep going !...

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