Three Bomb Blasts in Sub-urbans of Mumbai - Live Updates

Most reports suggest that today’s blasts in Mumbai occurred around 7.10 pm. Simultaneous blasts rocked Zaveri Bazaar, Opera House and Dadar. Zaveri Bazaar houses Jewellery shops and is right next to Mumbadevi temple - the place from where Mumbai draws its name.

All metros have been placed on high alert. Airports have been closed and reports suggest that panic, inevitable that it is, is not as widespread or chaotic. Those injured have been rushed to JJ and KEM hospital, though there are conflicting reports on the number affected/killed. A BSF plane has left for Mumbai with NSG personnel.

Current Home Minister P Chidambaram is chairing a high level meeting. It’s confirmed that improvised devices were used for the blasts. Unprecedented help is being offered on Twitter as phone lines are jammed. Here’s a blog that is collating all helplines and offers of help.

Live Updates From Mumbai Three Bomb Blasts Area :-

10:27 pm: 'I was at my shop when I heard a deafening sound. I ran out to see what has happened. I saw a building rattling and people running here and there', said a eyewitness at one of the blast site.

10:22 pm: The blasts that rocked Mumbai were a 'coordinated attack by terrorists', Home Minister Chidambaram said. 'The blasts took place between 6.45 p.m. and 7 p.m. and therefore we infer from this that this was a coordinated attack by terrorists,' the home minister said.

10:15 pm: Ministry of home affairs have confirmed that 20 have been killed and 113 injured in the blast.

10:10 pm: Following are some major militant attacks on India in recent years.

9:55 pm: President Patil wished speedy recovery for those injured in the blasts.

9:35 pm: Home Minister Chidambaram to reach Mumbai Thursday

9:30 pm: Manmohan Singh had a telephonic conversation with Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan following the three blasts that rocked Mumbai. Manmohan Singh has asked Chavan to keep him posted about the various developments taking place after the blasts.

9:23 pm: Advisory: the Mumbai Taxi Workers Union has confirmed that all cabs will go off the roads at midnight.

9:17 pm:
NIA teams asked to join investigations in Mumbai blasts

9:13 pm: Maharashtra CM says that police have confirmed that 17 have been killed and 81 injured in the blasts.

9:10 pm:
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani have in official reactions condemned the blasts in Mumbai, expressed their sympathy for and solidarity with the Indian leadership and people, and condoled the victims.

9:07 pm: Home Ministry officials say that India had no advance intelligence indicating the possibility of such attacks.

9:03 pm: One CSFL team from Delhi and one from Hyderabad being rushed to Mumbai: Chidambaram

9:00 pm: Chidambaram says 10 people killed and 54 injured in the blasts

8:47 pm: No incident of communal disharmony reported in the city after blasts: Milind Deora

8:45 pm: A vehicle with registration number MH-43 A 9384 was found damaged at the Dadar blast site. The police are enquiring about its details.

8:42 pm: Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chauhan has confirmed 13 dead in the blasts, and over 100 injured to various degrees of severity.

8:40 pm: Even as a BSF plane with NIA officials, forensics experts and anti-terrorist personnel are en route to Mumbai, Home Minister P Chidambaram has taken the chair at an emergency Cabinet meeting.

8:37 pm: All injured taken to KEM and JJ hospital

8:36 pm: Opera House blast took place in Prasad Chambers, Panchratna lane which houses diamond traders

8:35 pm: Indian Mujahideen suspected for attacks: NDTV reports

8:34 pm: The blasts occured at 6.30, 6.45 and 7 pm in sequence

8:33 pm: Police control room nos: 22621855, 1983, 5020

8:30 pm: Top security and home ministry officials meet to assess situation

8:29 pm: Opera House blast took place in Panchratna lane

8:28 pm: Police have cordoned off the area. People are stranded in Dader as the police are not allowing them to leave the place. It's raining and people are struck

8:28 pm: Dadar blast took place at bus stop near Kabhuthar Khaana

8:26 pm: Home Secretary RK Singh confirms that one blast took place in a Maruti Esteem

8:25 pm: Home Secretary RK Singh says all injured have been shifted to hospital

8:22 pm: Home secretary RK Singh says 2 killed and 100 people have been injured in the blast.

8:20 pm: Domestic and International airports in Mumbai reportedly sealed. CISF screening airport parking lots

8:17 pm: Home Minister Chidambaram to brief the media at 9:00 pm on the Mumbai blasts

8:14 pm: BSF forensic experts being readied to fly to Mumbai

8:12 pm: PM speaks to Maharastra CM on blasts; asks him to keep him posted

8:10 pm: Maharashtra Home Secretary claims 60 have been injured

8:07 pm: Local trains in Mumbai are still functional

8:05 pm: Police sources say improvised explosive devices used in the blasts

8:03 pm: IED used in blast: TV reports

8:02 pm: If you or your loved ones are injured in the Mumbai blasts, please call 022 6133 6133 - MeraDoctor lines are open for all

8:01 pm: Kabhuthar Khaana area in Dadar cordoned off

8:00 pm: It seems to be a terror attack: Home ministry

7:58 pm: TV reports say that 8 people have been killed and more than 70 injured

7:55 pm: Dader blast victims taken to Kem hospital; Zaveri Bazaar blast victims taken to JJ hospital

7:54 pm: Zaveri Bazaar blast took place in a meter box of an electric pole

7:53 pm: Home Ministry puts NSG team on standby

7:52 pm: Teams of Maharashtra ATS rushed to the blast site

7:50 pm: One explosion was in a car in Dadar

7:50 pm: Cellular networks jammed across Mumbai

7:47 pm: Home Ministry confirms blasts are an act of Terrorism

7:45 pm: Security alert in Delhi after Mumbai blasts

7:43 pm: Chhagan Bhujpal refuses to give confirmation on mumber of injured

7:40 pm: Home ministry confirms blasts in Mumbai

7:35 pm: Probing a tiffin box found near the blast site: ACP

7:32 pm: 7:30 pm - Early reports indicate casualties in Zaveri Bazaar blast.

7:30 pm: Fire under control in Zaveri Bazaar, says eye witness.

7:25 pm: Eyewitnesses report hearing explosion sound near Kabuthar Khaana in Dadar. It is located next to Dadar Station.

7:20 pm: Home Ministry refuses to confirm that they are bomb blasts

7:15 pm: Three blasts reported from different parts of Mumbai - Dadar, Prasad Chambers in Opera House and Zaveri Bazaar.

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