Preity Zinta thrashes her house in US

Preity Zinta has thrashed out the rumors milling in media stating that the actress has bought a house in US.

Replying to the rumours Preity tweeted,"Good morning! I'd like to clarify I've NOT bought any house in the US as stated in the media! My younger brother lives there for the past 15 years,"Don't know wat to believe when I see news in India. Lot of misreporting and inaccuracies. Can say that because I've been in the middle of it sometimes,"

"From what actually happens to what gets reported is a joke! Everything gets dramatized and given a filmy touch! No maturity and accountability? Why? She further tweeted.

"Not making this comment because someone upset me. Was making a general observation and feeling bad as to how sometimes press reports inaccurate news," final tweet from Preity Zinta.

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