Preity Zinta's 10 Points to be healthy

Bollywood glamorous Actress Preity Zinta has revealed his fitness secret and the points to follow to be in a healthy good condition.

Preity Zinta has stated a 10 Points to stay healthy through her twitter
"It's great to go out in the sun for your skin n health but pls remember that SUNBLOCK is very very imp everyday of ur life...."

"So it's not tough 2 be healthy if u follow simple rules. 1) Eat smaller portions of food & at least 6-7 small meals. 2) drink LOTS of water."

"3) Avoid too much starch n carb like white bread, pasta n rice Etc.. Go for whole wheat or whole grains and brown bread etc..."

"4) avoid fruit juices and eat a whole fruit instead. Fruit juices have too much sugar in them. Too much sugar & salt are terrible for you."

"5) Try exercising in the morning on an empty stomach. If you cannot do any exercise then at least go for a walk. Brisk walk is amazing 4 U"

"6) Eat whatever u want in 1day so it's ur cheat day. This helps U2 maintain ur diet 4the week. 2day is my cheat day 😋 "

"7) Be happy n smile a lot. Nothing can give you better health than being happy & appreciating all the things & people U have around you "

"8) Eat slowly and chew a lot. Also sit down & enjoy your meal. Eating fast means eating a lot with very little satisfaction "

"9) Try dancing to your favorite song 5 times in a row... If you can bounce up & down 5 times in a row your cardio for the day I'd done "
"10) drink at least 2 glasses of water when u wake up & eat something within the first 15 minutes of waking up. Best thing 4ur body "

"11) Thank me 4having this chat & 4 giving u all this free Gyan  Send me a healthy kiss n keep smiling till u start looking silly. Hahahah"

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