Sushant Singh Rajput to star in Half Girlfriend

Sushant Singh Rajput has been signed in for the lead role in one of the most anticipated films of 2016 Half Girlfriend. From the Writer of 2 States, Half Girlfriend is yet another romance novel of Chetan Bhagat to be made into feature film after the successful 2 States.

Director Mohit Suri will don
the director cap for Half Girlfriend. The story revolves around not so modern guy Madhav Jha who falls for Riya rich Delhi girl, and how the former faces the linguistic and other barriers to win girl’s heart. How does the girl become his Half Girlfriend and what happens to their story is the rest.

Incidentally Sushant Singh Rajput has impressed director Mohit Suri showing him his act as Madhav Jha, with a unique mix of naivety and ruggedness which was crucial to the plot. “I was blown away with his sheer dedication to embody the character. I was shocked at first, but impressed at how hard he had worked on perfecting certain nuances. I knew right then, that I had found 'Madhav Jha',” said director Mohit Suri. Katrina Kaif is likely to play the lead lady in this Ekta Kapoor production venture.

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